To Have a Clear Visoin of Yourself

I admire those people who have a clear vision of themself. My wife for example. She is a singer all of her life. Or Matthias, a friend from high school, who became an architect just as he always wanted to be.

I even envy them. They seemed to be so laser focused. They know exactly what they want and how to get it. My life isn’t like that.

My life is a long and winding road. I am always questening myself. Who am I? What do I really want and what do I need? How should my life look like? What is the right thing for me to do?

I am always full of self-doubt and with little self-believe. When I got the answer to these questions one day the next day I will start over.

“That leeds me to your door” the Beatles sing in that song The Long and Winding Road. In there lies the hope that this constantly looking for answers will come to an end.

But what if behind that door there is another long and winding road? What if this journey do not come to an end? What if I stay a traveler all my life exploring my life and myself.

Wouldn’t it be better to see the benefit of that process and feel good about it?

One thing is for certain. To hit rock bottom doesn’t scare me anymore. When things get tough and when a storm comes up I stay calm because I know what to do I and can trust  my powers my abilities.  I am aware of my options. I can make decisions without hesitating, take action, take the responsibility.

And I don’t take anything for granted.