About Photography

When I take pictures, I am in a different state of mind. Myself steps aside and I am comletly in the moment here and now. It is like a zen meditation.

In the potrait different images collide: the picture of one self, the picture the others have of one and the pictuere one wants the others to have.

As the photographer it is my job to brush these pictures aside and take the picture uf the person beyond.

I like to take pictures with analogue technic and in black and white with the natural light.

Bio Ingo Hampe

Ingo Hampe is a self tought writer and photographer. He grew up in Hannover and moved to Berlin when he was twenty five to study Computer and Commuication Science.

He worked as an employee in a cinema, a salesman for a organic bakery as extra in movies as a tourguide at the Berlin Wall an as help desk for an it company.

Ever since his youth he loved the movies. In 2016 at the age of 42 he decided to follow his calling and tell stories through pictures and words.

Now he publishes short stories an sweek and his pictures on eyeem. He also publishes a podcast about creative techniques and writing methods.

He lives with his wife and their cat in Berlin Schöneberg.


Ingo Hampe ist ein autodidaktischer Autor und Fotograf. Er wuchs in Hannover auf. Mit 25 zog er nach Berlin um Informatik und Kommunikationswisenschaften zu stuieren.

Aus liebe zum Fim wollte er schon als Teenager Regisseur werden. Stattdessen arbeitete er Kinomitarbieter, Kleindarsteller und Komparse, Verkäufer in einer Biobäckerei, Fremdenführer an der Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer und Supportmitarbeiter für einen Internetrouterhersteller.

2016 – im Alter von 42 Jahren – beschloss er seiner Berufung zu folgen und Geschichten in Bildern und Worten zu erzählen. Er veröffentlicht seine Geschichten und Bilder auf Online Portalen und betreibt einen Podcast über Kreativtechniken.

Zusammen mit seiner Frau und ihrer Katze lebt er in Berlin Schöneberg.


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Why I Write

I always felt that I am different from other people. As if my live obeyed different laws of nature.

I always had a strong intuition. Every time I followed my intuition I was happy. Even when it was illogical and let me to strange places or gave me experiences that hurt.

In my writing I am trying to explain my life to me and to assure me that to follow my intuition is not only the only possible way for me to live but also the right thing to do.

All my life movies and stories guided me. They helped me to feel truly and understand life and who I am.

I believe in the power of the subconsciousness. 90% of our decisions are influenced by it. I think we can train our subconsciousness.

One way, the best way, to do this is reading stories, listening and watching stories in songs and movies.

In a world that is getting more and more complex we have to learn to trust in our guidance, our gut felling and our intuition.

Energetic Singing Concerts and Workshops

I am a singer, vocal medium, musician and poet. I accept my divinity to serve the world in the name of love and light.

In Berlin I developed my own style of music. I give energetic concerts and workshops with singing bowls and gongs.

In these concerts and workshops you can experience your self, your soul, a magical jorney, a wonderful positive energy and more…

For booking a concert or workshop please post me a private message or send me an email.

With all the love,


Enjoy Life Enjoy Yourself


Everybody should live a life of ease, pleassure and fulfilment.

How often do you walk along the street with a smile on your face and a song in your heart?

Not that often we guess. And you are right, there are plenty of reasons why you couldn’t or you wouldn’t. Life isn’t allways a party – that is true.

We would like to help you to connect with yourself and enjoy person you are and the life you live. We believe that to be connect is to be happy because you are born happy.

Bio Raphaela Gilla

I am Raphaela Gilla, a singer, poet, vocal medium, performer and musician.

I was born and grew up in Israel. Since 2003 I live and work in Berlin, Germany. I sing and write songs and music since I know myself. Singing and making music is my passion, my joy my fun my cure my inner expression and my savior in hard times.

1991 – 2000 I studied singing contemporary music, jazz, classic and oriental music in high qualified music institutes in Israel. I was a soloist in musicals, bands, choirs and concerts.

Since 2000 I sing, perform and record my songs in the genre of chamber, classic music, a-capella, experimental jazz, new music, free improvisation, shamanic, oriental, electronic and world music with divers musicians and ensembles.

In 2016 I collaborated with djs in the electronic music field and also recorded my new album and performed with the guitarist and producer Jordi Kuragari.

Due to the variety of music studies and concerts I developed my own unique style of singing and music which I would like to share with a lot of people in the world. I know that this gift that I received can bring a lot of joy, love, good energies, strength, freedom, harmony, courage, essence, inspiration and light into the world.