Who We Are And What We Do

Everybody should live a life of ease, pleassure and fulfilment.

How often do you walk along the street with a smile on your face and a song in your heart?

Not that often we guess. And you are right, there are plenty of reasons why you couldn’t or you wouldn’t. Life isn’t allways a party – that is true.

We would like to help you to connect with yourself and enjoy person you are and the life you live. We believe that to be connect is to be happy because you are born happy.


I am Raphaela Gilla, a singer, vocal medium, performer anraphaela potraitd musician.

I was born and grew up in Israel. Since 2003 I live and work in Berlin, Germany. I Sing and write songs and music since I know myself. Singing and making music is my passion, my joy, my fun, my cure, my inner expression and my savior in hard times. I also give energetic concerts and workshops in my studio in Berlin.

Hi, my name is Ingo Hampe.

20160403_170507For me being an artist is being and adventurer, a guide and a philosopher.

I allways had a strong intuition that let me to places where I could grow – personally, spiritually and economically. It helped me to find inner peace and freedom.

My stories circle around people how look for their true inner identitiy. They have to learn to accept that their shadows and demons are a part of them to overcome their obstacles.

If you are interested in my view of the world take a lok at my pictures on eyeem.