Who We Are And What We Do

We believe that everybody should live a life of ease, pleasure and purpose

Life isn’t about the things that happens to us. It is about the meaning we give these events. We would like to help you to connect with your inner being and listen to your intuition so you can enjoy life and enjoy yourself.


I am a singer, vocal medium, healer and shaman. A messenger from a long divine tradition of ancient shaman tribe. I came here to channel the knowledge and to activate healing, love, the ancient goddess and angels through vocals, melodies and sounds.

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel where I was singing and creating music since a young child.

Since 2003 I lived and worked in Berlin, Germany and recently in my favourite city of London.

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My name is Ingo Hampe. I am an photographer and life coach exploring the mysteries of life and soul.

I always had a strong intuition that led me to places where I can grow – spiritually, personally and economically. But I also struggled with the fact that there is no proven strategy or a set path for me.
My life works differently.
I have to listen to my inner being and follow my intuition. I practice perception and self awareness. Growth means that I am constantly learning and changing.

Taking pictures is a meditative state of mind: I am completely in the here and now and my focus is  on the picture that is going to happen.