Do you life a magical life?

For years I am trying to solve the riddle of my life and my self.

It seems that my life only works the magical way. In a world of algorithms, challenges and goals this is hard for me to accept because it makes me feel like an alien.

I always had a strong intuition which led me to places where i can grow emotionally, personally and economically. But still it is hard for me to use the intuition as a foundation of my life.

To give you a glimpse of my intuition and what I mean with my life works only magically I will tell you what happened to me last week:

I helped my friend in moving to her new home. A few years ago we worked together in an organic bakery. Although we got along pretty well with each other I had only loose contact with her.

I send her a massage from my vacation on Sicily because the that she had been there and she liked the island.

She wrote me back that she is moving to a new home. I answered her that if she needed help she could ask me any time.

She was so happy about my offer. She had asked all of their friends for help but nobody had time. So she didn’t dare to ask me although she had thought of me.

I was glad to help her. We haven’t seen each other for more than a year.

A lot of people say that it is hard to get a flat in Berlin. That has never been my experience. Also my friend told me a different story how she got the new flat.

She lived for more than seven years in a WG with changing flatmades. She wanted t find out in which direction her life will go and had come to the conclusion that she needed to change places.

On day she went to a marriage party although she didn’t felt like it. There she met a woman who told her that she all how away for a year and needed some to look after her home. She will leave in October which was only a moth from that day. My friend needed a new home by October. They liked each other and the rest is simple.

Coincidences you may say. You might be right but it happens all the time.