Love what you do

I take pictures since I was a child. I remember a photo I took with the camera of my parents when I was 13. If you ask when I became a photographer I would mention this photo. It stayed with me a told me that I have the talent to capture something with the camera there are no words for.

Over the time my equipment changed. I love to take pictures of people outside with a natural light. I never dared to become a professional photographer. I knew that my photos were good and I also got a positive response every time I showed my pictures my friends.

So what held me back? I just could not imagine that I can make a living of my talent.

At the end of September Foto Meyer organized a trade show. I went there to attend some workshops for free and listen to some professional photographers talking about their art and craft.

Ulla Lohmann told her story how she sneaked her way in to become a wild life photographers for BBC or National Geographics.

She gave some advice how to aproach people and how to get a good picture of them.  To get a model release is a great issue because without it you cannot sell  your pictures to the magazines. She told us how to get a model release from people who have no idea what that is.

Kai Strut talked about his way to success and that his intuition guided him. That he had it all and lost it all. And how his intiution helped him to reinvent himself.

Jens Burger showed some of his work he did for Fujifilm. When he was asked: Who will buy these pictures? He repied: I just do this for fun and for your entertainment. So I hope you enjoy it.

I took some pictures at the workshop. But what was my true intention to  be at this trade show? It seems like I wanted to know something. Do I have what it takes to be a pro?

Do I have what it takes to be a pro? Well, it looks like all it takes is to have the guts to just do what you love. To focus on the joy of the work and don’t pay to much attention to the question: Will it sell.

So do I have the courage to do what it takes to become the photographer I already am?