My first shooting experience with a model was great. I wanted to take my photography on the next level. I love to take pictures of people but in the past I shot people secretly – too afraid to ask them for their permission.

I signed in a website for models and photographers and asked three women if the like to shoot with me.

One answered immediately and the results of the shooting were amazing.  When the second model answered I was amazed how easy it is to connect and agree on a shooting.

But this time it was a completely different situation. We had trouble to agree on a date.  Three times we had to postpone the shooting.  In the end it didn’t happen.

Maybe I was a little naiv. I thought it is only about taking pictures. Baut if you are interacting with other people other  factors play a role also.

As I am new on the site, I don’t have any credits. Also I am an older guy asking a pretty young woman for a date. They might feel flattered, that might be insecure, they might have heart of some bad experiences.

So many possibilities I was not aware of. And I never will. Which is good in the end. If I had conidered all of this before I wouldn’T dare to ask any of them.