A New Job

The idea was simple: I get an easy job that pays my bills. Then I will have the freedom to be creative without the pressure of making a living of my art.

So far so good.

I was lucky, there were plenty of job offers. Everybody seems to do an online business but still they need someone who can talk to their customers. And that would be me. For almost every application I send I got invitedĀ  for an interview or at least a telephone interview. One company invited me even to a get-to-know-day: They presented themselves and I had the opportunity to watch a colleague over his shoulder during his work. In the lunch break I took a little walk. Every cell in my body screamed: “I don’t want to work here!”

I tried to tell myself: Be cool. The payment is good and the working hours are fine.

In the end I didn’t get the job. We agreed on that I was overqualified.

What have I learned from this time?

First of all: I don’t have to be afraid that I won’t have a job and an income. This is a great relief for me. I kept this fear for far to long. The next is that I can feel comfortable with saying to conditions that don’t suit me. I learned to appreciate my abilities and knowledge. And I listened to my intuition.

In the end I got a job which is quite of a challenge for me again. But that is fine. It won’t get boring this way.