To all my patreons … and the future ones

My name is Ingo Hampe and I am a photographer. I take pictures of people and places.
What does that mean? I shoot portraits. I don’t do only headshots but I also capture the interaction of the person with the surroundings. My aim is to create a cinematic scene that tells a story.
Today I would like to present you my patreon page. Patreon is a platform where you can support creators directly by donating on a monthly basis.
I like patreon because it was built by an artist to support other artist.
You may think: “Oh he’s just an other artist who wants to raise money for his art.”
That is partly true. Your pledge will give me the freedom to do work I love most and do the best. But you are missing the most important point.I am not an influencer. I am not interested in building an audience and then sell it to a company that uses it to promote their products. I want to promote myself and what I have got to give.
And I have already a job that pays my bills. I want to do a work that also satisfies my soul – work that matters. A work that meaningful to me and is for the benefit of everybody.

Good art captures you emotionally and touches you in the heart. It helps you getting through tough times and let you dream of a better life. It enlighten your everyday life and gives you inspiration and faith.
Good actions lead to good actions. You can plant a seat that will spread.
With your support I can rent a studio hire an editor or model for more paid shootings. More and more people are able to do a work that matters. Together we will change the world as love, freedom and happiness will rise.

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