my cat has fomo

Tenji is with us for about 10 years. She is a lady in her best age. And she got fomo (the fear of missing out).

Where ever we sit she wants to sit. She got plenty of places, where she likes to rest but her favourite place is always where we are.

When ever I dictate something on my tablet or record a podcast she comes and joins the discussion. She is a talking cat. But this goes beyond her miau when she gets food.

Don’t mistake it with her natural behaviour – the curiosity every cat has and the need to belong to someone.

And that is funny. Because what is on the agenda of a cat?

  1. eating
  2. sleeping
  3. being petted
  4. playing (less and less over the years I am so happy because I like the cute expression on her face when she does that
  5. watch the world outside the window (or watch television with us)

She doesn’t know social media – she has not the whole world on her mobile device to compare with – she only got us to compare.

What strange kind of cats are we.