Bio Raphaela Gilla

Raphaela Gilla, singer, vocal medium and musician was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel where she was singing and creating music since she was a young child.

Since 2003 she lived and worked in Berlin, Germany and over the years in her favourite city of London.

She received vocal training in classical, oriental and holistic ways by some of the best vocal teachers.

She studied jazz and contemporary music at the Rimon College of Music, Tel Aviv, classical music and opera at the Rubin Academy of Music, Oriental and Arabic music at the Institute of Oriental Culture, Jaffa.

In Israel and Europe she performed as a soloist in musicals, participated in projects of classical music, world music and contemporary chamber music. She cooperated with several DJs for electronic music as well.

She performed with the Israeli Philharmonia Choir at the Philharmonic Hall, Tel Aviv.

She was a soloist and artistic director of the Indonesian gamelan music performance at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

She performed at the London Body Mind Spirit festival and gave concerts of her own music with various ensembles at art galleries, museums, festivals, clubs and churches.

During the time of performing, writing and recording a wide range of music she developed her special style of vocal music and performance in which she combines soul, classical and world music, oriental, shamanic and ambient music genres. She accompanies herself with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and chimes as well as shaman drums.

As a vocal medium she opens herself and let the music flow through her. She receives the musical ideas and messages from the universe and channels what she hears.

Her singing and music bring love, light, joy and healing to many people.

In 2017 she recorded her album Eden at Kodama Studio, Berlin.

At the moment she is recording her new album Ancient Angel at The Recording Studio , Way Out Studios, London

Raphaela has enough material for at least three more albums.