Im Rosengarten mit Patricia Highsmith, beim Tai Qi oder wenn Ingo Hampe mit dem Fahrrad durch Berlin fährt, erhöhen sich die Alphawellen und spontane Einsichten tauchen auf.


Cutting Roses with Patricia Highsmith or cycle through Berlin’s Tieragarten with Ingo Hampe to increase your alpha waves.



Ingo Hampes letzte Künstlerverabredung war ein Konzert von Dinosaur Jr. Er berichtet davon, was er von dieser Künstlerverabredung bekommen hat.


On his last artist date Ingo Hampe went to the Dinosaur Jr show.

This episode is about how to fill up your creative reservoir and how your creativity benefits of the artist date.


Do you know The artist Way by Julia Cameron?

Do you use the morning pages and how do you benefit from them?

Here is my story.


Der Moment, wenn wir vor dem leeren Blatt sitzen und anfangen wollen zu schreiben, ist der Schwierigste Moment im Schreibprozess.
Was lässt uns zögern? Wie können wir ihn überwinden?
Wie können wir das Scheitern als ein Teil des Prozesses akzeptieren?


Sitting in front of the blank page and start to write was the toughes move I had to make. I got better by the time, but it is still tough to me.

I understood that failure is part of the process. That helped me a lot.

Allow yourself to fail.

Why I Write

I always felt that I am different from other people. As if my live obeyed different laws of nature.

I always had a strong intuition. Every time I followed my intuition I was happy. Even when it was illogical and let me to strange places or gave me experiences that hurt.

In my writing I am trying to explain my life to me and to assure me that to follow my intuition is not only the only possible way for me to live but also the right thing to do.

All my life movies and stories guided me. They helped me to feel truly and understand life and who I am.

I believe in the power of the subconsciousness. 90% of our decisions are influenced by it. I think we can train our subconsciousness.

One way, the best way, to do this is reading stories, listening and watching stories in songs and movies.

In a world that is getting more and more complex we have to learn to trust in our guidance, our gut felling and our intuition.